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13th March 2014


Latest News on Pay 


Following on from last year's events efforts are now being concentrated on submitting a claim for 2014/15 but also primarily beginning to mount a strong and concentrated campaign for 2015/16. 


UNISON's "Worth It" campaign is highlighting the real stories of our members to show the human effect of real term pay cuts. If you'd like to contribute please contact the branch office. 


3rd July 2013 




Scottish council workers are voting on strike action to win Fair Pay and a Living Wage increase each year.


Members voted in April to reject the 2013/14 final offer from the Scottish Joint Council employers. The employers have said no to reopening talks.


UNISON will now ballot all members entitled to vote.


Members are asked to vote Yes if they are prepared to take strike action.


The proposal is for a minimum of 3 days of strike action over a 7 week period. First, a one day Scottish wide strike. Next, a rolling programme of one day strikes in different areas. Then, a further Scottish wide strike.


Ballot papers will be posted to home addresses.


The ballot runs from 3 July to 13 August.


The rejected offer was for:

• A 1% increase on all spinal column points from 1 April 2013

• Introduction of a Scottish Local Government Living Wage of £7.50 per hour (to be applied after the 1% rise). But no commitment to increase this every year.


UNISON believes 1% is simply not enough.


It follows 0.65% in 2010, then two years of pay freeze. In that period the value of our pay has fallen by nearly 13%, while essentials like food and heating costs have risen sharply. Yet the richest have never been as wealthy.


UNISON is asking for a Fair Pay rise and a promise to increase the Living Wage annually.


The 1% pay offer is not fair reward to hard working staff who continue to deliver quality public services despite being overstretched and underpaid. Local government workers have not had the £250 payment to those earning under £21,000 that NHS and civil service staff received in the last two years.




12th April 2013


UNISON’s consultative ballot has resulted in members rejecting the employers’ offer.


We are now considering with our members, and with the other trade unions on the negotiating body, what our next step is in terms of action that might be required to shift the employers.


We will want to speak to COSLA early on to seek to re-open discussions on pay.


Further information will be posted here when it is available.



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