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"Worth It" 


"Worth It" is UNISON's latest campaign to highlight the need for fair pay for our members. Our members work hard and they deserve to be rewarded for this hard work. 


UNISON is particularly interested to hear the real stories from our members about how pay freezes and miserly pay offers are effecting them and you can contribute by contacting the branch office. 




From 24 March to 6 April, the TUC is running Fair Pay Fortnight, a series of events across the country that will raise awareness about Britain's cost of living crisis. 


999 - Answer the Call for Your NHS 


999 - Answer the Call for Your NHS is UNISON's current national campaign. 


Why is UNISON campaigning?


The NHS is under threat from privatisation and cuts.

  • The Tory health act has pushed the profit motive to the heart of the English NHS.

  • Key treatments are being restricted, services cut and jobs lost, resulting in increased waiting times, delays and staff shortages on our wards.

  • Restricted funding settlements are also affecting Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Our NHS remains the fairest and most cost-effective health service in the world.


Don’t let the Tories ruin it.


999 – answer the call for your NHS.


Join UNISON in Manchester on 29 September.


Planning is now underway for the rally on 29th September. Further information will be posted here when known. 

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