Falkirk Community Trust - budget cuts for 17/18.

The following is an update briefing for members employed by Falkirk Community Trust.


Dear Member

As you may know, UNISON has been in discussion with the Trust regarding budget cuts for 2017/18.

The Trust is proposing to make a total of £1.2m of cuts which would result in the deletion of 21 posts, with 19 people at risk of compulsory redundancy. The Trust, as would be expected, is prepared to consider redeployment for those affected along with voluntary severance.

There is no intention to alter the terms and conditions of Trust employees.

UNISON has been considering the Trust proposals and the results of our member survey from September 2016 where members overwhelmingly voted to be consulted on the types of action that could be taken to protect colleagues identified for compulsory redundancy.

UNISON members have previously indicated that they would be prepared to be involved in a campaign to protect Trust employees from compulsory redundancy and we will be in touch shortly with our plans.

If you know UNISON members who have not received this email, please ask them to contact John Mooney at j.mooney@unison.co.uk who will arrange for their details to be updated.

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