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Become a Steward "Your Union needs you!"

Now is the best time to become Steward and make a difference.

Workplace stewards are at the heart of our union. As a steward you would be the first point of contact for our members in your local workplace, and you would work to make your workplace a fairer and better place to work.

We need more! We have vacancies across Falkirk. As new ways of working, dangerous budget cuts, and are rolled out across all professional services in Falkirk, we need stewards in as many areas as possible.


  • Participating in a range of activities including organising, recruiting and representing UNISON members.

  • Being involved in how the Falkirk Council UNISON branch is run.

  • Being the first and main point of contact for members in your constituency.

  • Supporting and advising members on workplace issues, both individual and collective.

  • Acting as a spokesperson for the members in your local workplaces and informing and involving members in branch activities.

  • You will receive facilities time (Paid time off from your job) in order to carry out your role

You will receive training and support from UNISON in order to carry out your role.


“But I don’t have the skills!”

Ever thought of becoming a steward but you’re worried you don’t have the right skill or the time? Don’t worry – you receive excellent training, plus paid time off work for your union duties.

Here are six common worries you may have about becoming a steward – and some examples of ways you might have these skills without even knowing.

I don’t do public speaking……but I do raise issues I am concerned about in team meetings at work.

I don’t do negotiation……but I did complain when my gas bill got too high, and I worked to sort out a better deal with the company.

I don’t do campaigning……but I did support my local library when it was threatened with closure.

I don’t do recruitment……but I do get my neighbours to support the local school

I don’t organise meetings……but I do organise outings and holidays with my friends and family

I don’t do representation……but I did go to the doctors with my partner to make sure they got their views across.

Does this sound like you? If so, then UNISON needs you! 

Reach out to the Falkirk branch via phone or email and let us know if you'd like to step up as a UNISON Steward           Tel: 01324 630082

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