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Response from Elaine Smith MSP - Save Our Local Services

The following is a response to our letter addressed to Constituency / Regional MSPs from Elaine Smith MSP (Scottish Labour).


Dear UNISON Falkirk,

Thank you for your email and of course I fully appreciate the concern you raise. Please see attached the press statement released about the budget and the proposed cuts.

All being well I will also attend to support the Trade Unions Rally outside the Parliament next Thursday 15th.


Commenting on COSLA's statement ahead of the SNP draft budget, Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Alex Rowley said: "The SNP has slashed funding for local services, like schools and social care, which put the life chances of people across Scotland at risk. The SNP shouldn't use the Scottish Parliament as a conveyor belt for Tory austerity. We should use the tax powers of the Parliament to invest in public services and give everybody a fair chance in life.

"Last year the SNP cut £500million from local council budgets. This has had a direct impact on vital local services, like schools and social care. When the 2017 budget is unveiled later this month, councils could face further SNP cuts. Only by investing in our local public services can we give people the skills they need to get on. Labour will amend any SNP budget to use the tax powers of the Scottish Parliament so we can invest in public services rather than carrying on with Tory austerity."

Elaine Smith MSP (Central Scotland Labour)

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