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CLD Campaign - Falkirk Herald Editorial

The branch have an editorial piece in this weeks Falkirk Herald. If you haven't seen it you can read the whole article here.


Full editorial text:

Cuts to the Heart of the Community

Falkirk Council proposals totalling more than £1.3m are aimed at completely stopping all adult education services in the community, and youth services in selected council areas.

From parents and toddlers groups to youth groups and senior citizens groups - no area of the community will remain unaffected. To top it all off, 138 people will lose their jobs, creating misery for them and their family as well as the wider community.

UNISON Falkirk, as the trade union representing affected staff, in partnership with local community organisations has been campaigning against these proposals, arguing that the effect that they would have on the community would be catastrophic.

Therefore, UNISON Falkirk has taken this advert to reach as many people in the Falkirk Council area as possible to ask that you stand with us against these cuts. We understand that this is not a typical trade union/employer dispute; this is about the future welfare of residents, many of whom are vulnerable.

UNISON Falkirk will be protesting at the Municipal Buildings in Falkirk on Saturday 28 January 2017 at 10.30am. We would love to see you there standing up for local services for local people.

Community Learning & Development is the heart of our community, and the community can’t function without its heart.

You can follow our campaign at and at

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