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Council Cuts Demonstration - 28th Feb 2018

We have teamed up with our sister unions and plan to greet Councillors as they enter the municipal buildings to impose cuts in Falkirk. Please join us to fight back against these cuts - together we can send a loud & visible message to Falkirk Councillors!

Every charge increased leaves another group of people unable to afford a service and every job lost another family is denied a wage.

Who is going to feel the brunt of these cuts? The poorest communities and residents hardest hit and those least able to cope with service withdrawal will bear the brunt.

Make no mistake. We are clear that the primary responsibility for cuts to public services lies with the Tories at Westminster. However, we do believe that Falkirk elected officials and Scottish politicians should be doing more to resist these cuts.

We are fed up hearing that the cuts must happen because someone somewhere else has cut the money; the SNP in Holyrood or the Tories in Westminster. For us, UNISON Falkirk, this is about choice and about what Falkirk Councillors, the paid women and men in there, choose to cut. These services and jobs are crucial for the delivery of education, social care, home care, cleansing, community safety and the many other vital services provided by the council. Enough is enough.

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