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Ballot - 35/37 Hour Protection - are you impacted?

In December 2017 we asked impacted members to take part in a ballot over the above 35/37 hours protection; you will also be aware that the outcome of that ballot was a rejection of the employer’s offer and Falkirk Council, at that time, chose not to impose any change.

Our dispute led to ACAS arbitration and the December 2017 offer being made to you. Our membership rejected this offer. Since this time further discussion has been had with the Council and we can now advise that a new, revised offer has been made:

The current 35/37 hours protection will remain in place until 30 September 2020; the following provisions will also apply:

  • Any employee commencing on flexible retirement will lose the protection from the date of the new flexible retirement contract

  • Any employee being slotted or matched to a redesigned role as part of an internal restructure will lose the protection at the commencement of the new role

  • The above 2 additional provisions will apply from the date of the signing of a collective agreement

UNISON believes that this revised offer is an improvement to the extent that we are recommending that the offer is the best that can be achieved through negotiation. Members are therefore asked to vote YES and accept this offer; should this offer not be accepted by our membership the concern is that the employer will impose a less favourable change.

Should you have any questions regarding the ballot please contact our membership team (

For the avoidance of doubt this ballot is intended ONLY for members who are impacted by the 35/37 hours provision; should you have any colleagues who are impacted but have not received a ballot paper please advise them to contact the UNISON Scotland membership team at the email above.

Please note, that should you wish to continue to work 35 hours but lose the additional 2 hours salary you should still vote in our ballot; depending on the outcome of the ballot Falkirk Council will write to each individual employee affected and ascertain either (a) how you will work the additional 2 hours or (b) if you wish to lose the 2 hours salary and have a 35 hour contract.


UNISON Falkirk Branch are recommending acceptance of this offer as being the best that can be achieved.

Impacted members will receive a ballot paper by post from WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE 2018

The ballot will run from WEDNESDAY 27 JUNE 2018 until NOON on TUESDAY 17 JULY 2018

Should you have any colleagues who are impacted but have not received a ballot paper please advise them to contact the UNISON Scotland membership team (

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