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UNISON members, further to the employee survey, it’s time to have YOUR say going forward with the implementation of the above policy.

Staff are being updated on the new Hybrid Working Policy going forward and UNISON and the joint trade unions plan to meet with HR management again on the 7th December to discuss the potential implementation of the policy.


UNISON and the Joint trade unions met with Falkirk Council on the 15th of September and again on the 10th November 2021.

UNISON and the Joint Trade Unions set out their concerns around the proposed Hybrid Working Policy. UNISON has submitted comments, highlighting concerns with some areas of the policy.


The main points of concern with the policy UNISON have identified are:

  • A compulsory requirement to work from home may mean contractual changes are required.

    • Making homeworking voluntary may be a fairer option (this was discussed at the last meeting).

  • Health and safety concerns remain about the provision of equipment for home working.

  • GDPR guidance for homeworking

  • Equalities

UNISON believe there needs to be further consultation, on how Hybrid Working relates to current council policies, procedures and working practices

UNISON is not against the idea of homeworking and remain open minded about the potential benefits this could deliver for our members.

Homeworking played a major part in keeping vital council staff safe and services running through the COVID-19 pandemic and is fast becoming a new normal for many workers.

However, the current working practices were developed during a global emergency and not through a traditional change process.

UNISON want Falkirk Council to think this change through carefully and get it right for our members.

UNISON expect the employer to engage with Staff, Trade Unions, listen to their concerns and build the lessons learned from COVID-19 into how we work in the future.

This includes considering the jobs that cannot be undertaken at home.

Falkirk Council can’t forget these employees and need to explore how change can benefit all workers.

UNISON will continue to engage with Falkirk Council on this Policy and will be back in touch with members with further updates on this subject.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, big or small we want to hear from you….

Please contact the branch office by email at: and we will respond to you asap prior to the meeting deadline of 7th December 2021.

Kind Regards

Janet Robertson

Branch Secretary

UNISON Falkirk Council

Phone 01324 630082

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